People are always telling me I should write something good here, but I tend to define myself in terms of the technical and academic things I like to do. If that's what you want to know, see index. On this page I'll put a little effort into writing down more personal things.

I enjoy hiking in places with just the right balance of greenery, rocks, and water. (Though some days, the greenery is optional.) I don't get to hike in such places nearly as often as I'd like. Washington Park is readily accessible by public transportation, but doesn't tend to have enough rocks or water for my tastes. On the other hand, the Columbia Gorge is a really beautiful place and I love it, but it's something like an hour's drive away, and I haven't gotten around to acquiring a driver's license or a car yet.

People seem to like to tell me that I should start driving, too. I went ahead and got my learner's permit, and I've had some practice at driving (record so far: honked at twice for drifting between lanes, but no harm done) but between the frightening nature of sitting amidst a bunch of multiple-ton machines, and the convenience of public transportation in Portland, I just haven't felt much incentive.

I use big words. Sorry. Actually, I'm fairly proud of my English language skills. I hate the language though.

I think Japanese is a really cool language. I hate PSU's Japanese classes though.

Actually, I hate classes on general principle. The purpose of classes in our present academic system is to assign numbers (grades) to people. Is it so wrong to just want to learn?